The House of Emerald Tartan Cape

The House of Emerald Tartan Cape

Laura Pick - "Elphaba" wearing The House of Emerald Tartan Cape by Loullymakes
In honour of St Andrew’s Day, our Creative Director Louise Nicolson and seamstress Niamh Laffan presented Wicked lead Laura Pick, who will play Elphaba this festive season, with a bespoke tartan cape made especially in honour of the Wicked 2023-2025 tour. This special cape will be displayed in the Boards Bar at the Edinburgh Playhouse on 12 December and then in our St. Mary’s Street store from 14 December until 14 January 24.

Inspired by the character of Elphaba, House of Emerald, the bespoke tartan named for this cape only, features green and black to represent her skin tone and costume, with the line of white as a nod to Glinda.

“When we heard Wicked was coming to the Edinburgh Playhouse, it seemed like such an exciting opportunity to make a tartan cape in honour of Wicked. Tartan has been around for centuries, with a clear association to Scotland. It’s a checked pattern; it can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. Some tartans are very ancient in their backgrounds, and some are very modern. It’s a living part of our culture.” – Louise Nicolson, Creative Director of Gordon Nicolson

“We’re wickedly thrilled to create this sensational bespoke LoullyMakes House of Emerald tartan cape just for Elphaba - we are defying gravity with excitement!” Louise Nicolson, Creative Director of Gordon Nicolson Kiltmakers

Visit our St Marys Street Store to see the House of Emerald Tartan Cape ! 

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