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Weathered Red Fraser Tartan Outlandish Cowl Wrap Scarf

Weathered Red Fraser Tartan Outlandish Cowl Wrap Scarf

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Outlandish Collection self-fringed infinity Cowl Wrap, carefully handmade in Weathered Red Fraser tartan (100% Wool ), a muted traditional Clan tartan variation woven in soft tones of pale red, grey and green with a fine white highlight.

Inspired by the costumes and styling of Outlanders Claire Fraser.
Can be worn long and loose, wrapped snug, or pulled high to create a hood, wrapped like a small shawl or poncho , offering inherent insulating warmth without bulkiness. The versatility of this Cowl Wrap is limitless !
"Je Suis Prest"

Lightweight 10 oz pure wool tartan, woven in Selkirk by Lochcarron of Scotland.

100% wool. Hand Wash Only. Med Iron.

Approx 140cm x 44cm

All tartans are sourced from our Family-Run Kiltmaking Business. Any questions- please ask !

*(Med Gift Wrap option)

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